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I was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am the President and co-owner of Premier Investments of Iowa, Inc. a wealth management firm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in finance. I am the host of the Premier Financial Hour radio show which has aired for over 11 years on Newsradio 600WMT in Eastern Iowa. 

After the death of our oldest son, Seth, in 2016, I became an advocate for substance abuse and addiction. Shortly after, I joined the board of the Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC)  in Iowa. 

I frequently speak for groups, schools, and organizations to spread awareness about substance abuse. In 2020, I founded Choices Network, Ltd. a non-profit designed to continue our fundraising and awareness efforts.

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Living Undeterred.

October 4, 2016 started out like any other day. Our son, Ian, was getting ready to head off to the District Golf Tournament. As I was dropping Ian off that morning, my phone rang; and I got the news that our oldest son, Seth had died from a heroin overdose. I immediately jumped in the car with no 'goodbye' or 'good luck' to Ian and the team. 

It was the single worst moment of my life. Ten minutes ago, I was living the American Dream. At fifty years old, I had a family, a nice house, and a successful business - I was on top of the world. It sounds selfish, I know, but I was.

When Ian and our youngest son, Roman, returned home that night, and we broke the devastating news, I told them, 'we have two roads to go down. One of anger, hatred, and despair, or a road of hope and inspiration. I am choosing the second, and I would like you to join me.' 

From that day forward, it has been important to our family to spread awareness about substance abuse and the Opioid Crisis. We have worked closely with the Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC) raising funds and sharing our story. Seth spent time at ASAC before his death. To date, our family has raised over $30,000.

In February 2020, we founded Choices Network, Ltd. to continue honoring Seth's memory and spreading awareness about addiction & substance abuse in teens & young adults. 

After releasing my book, "This One's For You: An Inspirational Journey Through Addiction, Death & Meaning" in September 2020, I wanted to continue sharing my thoughts and decided to launch this project. 

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