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Living Undeterred

A note of caution before you enter:

My writings are designed to accomplish 2 objectives; To provide therapy for me in expressing my thoughts outwards and to allow those interested to follow along beside me as I continue my discovery process of what it means to be human. If “life’s experiences” makes one an expert, then I guess I may qualify. Keep in mind though, as American Journalist Hunter S. Thompson said, “For to give advice to a man who asks what to do with his life implies something very close to egomania.” Setting my ego aside, I am hopeful this project will assist or guide others who have experienced trauma, addiction, substance abuse, and other challenges of life.


I have no desire to tell you how to live your life. However, I am hopeful that in knowing how I choose to live mine, I can guide you in some way. I am not a doctor in any way, shape, or form. Please note I am simply sharing methods, strategies, and ideologies that have helped me deal with my personal pain and suffering, with the hope they can provide value to your life.


I am not conventional in many of my ways of thinking and at times, may provoke anger and confusion. I finally decided I can write to appease others and tell people what they want to hear or I can write from honesty, passion, and awareness, from my perspective? The choice was easy. I may cover topics that have the potential to “trigger” some of you. In no way is this intentional yet at the same time, it’s more than likely going to be unavoidable if I want to accomplish my goal. What is my goal you may ask?


My goal is simple. I want to help as many people that I can in sharing my story, which eventually helps me. Finding meaning in my life will be accomplished by helping others find theirs. I am honored you have taken the time to join me in this fight. Together, we can make extraordinary differences in the lives of others. I remain, undeterred.

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