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Living Undeterred Podcast
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"I'm a Pickle" with Tina Miller | Living Undeterred Podcast

"I'm a Pickle" with Tina Miller | Living Undeterred Podcast

On this week's episode Jeff speaks with Author, Speaker, Founder and Executive Director of Florida Recovery Schools of Tampa Bay, Inc., Tina Miller. Tina is a woman in long-term recovery, celebrating 24-years substance free. Tina shares how her father starting recovery when she was 4 years old and losing her best friend at 7 years old impacted her. Tina began drinking at 14-years old, and by 18 she was drinking and using drugs every day. After being cut-off by her parents in college, failing classes and realizing her behavior was having a negative impact on relationships, she made the decision to quit drugs. However, her alcoholism increased. Tina and her sister began attending Al-Anon, and through the program and the help of a sponsor, she began to realize she was an alcoholic and began her own recovery journey. Tina shares she felt uncomfortable and reluctant to say the words "I'm an alcoholic" during her first months of attending A.A., so she would instead use the phrase "I'm a pickle." She explains, "when a cucumber has had too much 'juice' it turns into a pickle. It can never again turn into a cucumber." Tina recognizes that while she works every day on recovery, even after years of sobriety, there is no magic cure for her alcoholism. After college, she entered the field of social work and began noticing a gap in services for teens, and began doing research on recovery high schools. In August 2020, she quit her job, started a non-profit and 1-year later in April 2021, she started the first recovery high school in Tampa Bay. The school offers a stable, safe environment for students with substance use disorders to get access to mental health care while continuing their academic education. Jeff and Tina talk about how they have found that trying to change behavior out of fear is not an effective method. Follow Tina: Instagram: @Tinatalkstruth Facebook: @Tinatalkstruth #addiction #addictionrecovery #substanceusedisorder #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #recovery
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