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A Conversation

*This blog is from a very strange dream I had recently. The actual conversation is a bit enhanced for dramatic effects but the context is unchanged. Enjoy!

Future Self: Hello Jeff, how are you?

Jeff: I am great! Just trying to keep up with all my projects, work, kids and I guess, life in general.

Future Self: Very well. If you have a few minutes, I wanted to have a conversation with you. I have something you don’t have that may be of interest to you?

Jeff: Go on, You got my attention. I want to hear now. What do you have that I can’t possibly have? I have a nice business, a new house, kids, and wonderful family and friends. So tell me, what do you have that I don’t?

Future Self: Well, you see, I have the benefit of hindsight. MY perspective is better than yours.

Jeff: Uh, so what? How can this benefit me today? I have hindsight too. I can look backward on my life and tell you all the mistakes I made in High School, college, marriage, professionally. Um, I’ll stop there if that’s ok.

Future Self: Yeah, that’s good. You see, I have the benefit of seeing your life from MY lens. Hindsight for me is YOUR future.

Jeff: Uh, you lost me at “hello.” Are you sure you are not a God? I mean, you certainly sound like one.

Future Self: Not really. I am actually you. I know how your life unfolds from now until you die. Do you want to know WHEN you die?

Jeff: Let me think…...NO! So, am I God then?

Future Self: No, you’re not a God or a Saint for that matter. So, Do you want to know HOW you die?

Jeff: let me think...NO! Ok, ok, why are you telling me this? I don’t think too much about the “older Jeff” as I am trying to live “in the moment.” and I certainly don’t sit around and think about my death, do you?

Future Self: This isn’t about me, well it is, but... you are me. Anyway, Let me tell you about the next 26 years of your life. Are you interested?

Jeff: To be honest?

Future Self: Of course, you just wrote a blog called “honesty”

Jeff: Wow, nothing gets past you. So DO I want to know about the next years of my life?

Future Self: Precisely, do you?

Jeff: Yes and no. Just the good stuff and the fun times. I am not really interested in any more chaos or tragedy in my life.

Future Self: It doesn’t work that way. I will give you a hint, is that ok?

Jeff: Uh…..sure….a hint?

Future Self: You... will……..ummmm ….maybe this isn’t the right time and place?

Jeff: It is! I want to hear about me and what happens in my future!

Future Self: You have to promise me that you won’t let yourself (I mean me) down. I will tell you some things that you will need to know to prepare yourself for your future. You ready?

Jeff: Fire away!

Future Self: 1) You are on the correct path

2) You will experience tremendous pain and hardship

3) You will find more peace and less happiness

4) You will have more questions than answers

5) you will…

Jeff: Stop! I already know this stuff. You sound like a fortune teller. This is what has happened when I look backward on my life as well. So none of this is a “news flash” to me.

Future Self: Maybe that’s my point.

Jeff: Explain, please?

Future Self: I never told you I was a soothsayer, visionary or even a deity. I am not even telling you if I am Dead or Alive. I am you and I have the benefit of hindsight, that’s all. No promises of an afterlife or any guarantees. Well, I have one guarantee I guess.

Jeff: Uh, that’s comforting for sure. What is this guarantee?

Future Self: Your “future self” will guarantee that your purpose and meaning in life is solely up to you and cannot be defined, instructed or performed by others. What happens in between your “now” and my “now” is 100% up to you. How you choose to react to what happens to you will determine everything for you. That’s it. No illusions, no BS.

Jeff: Got it. So my future will be very similar to my past and it’s up to me, and only me to uncover the true meaning so I can discover true peace in my life. I like that.

No guarantees or fancy promises, just live my life and keep Living Undeterred, right?

Future Self: You got it now? So as I leave YOU to live YOUR life, do you have any other questions that you would like answers too?

Jeff: Well…..actually I do and since you did ask?

What about Bigfoot?

Aliens and Ghosts?

Future Self: Good grief Jeff, your ADD is going to be a challenge!!


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