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Be LESS Impressed, Be MORE in Action

I am not sure where I first heard this. I just know when I did it made me really think about the things I was doing in my life and the people I know. We are so polarized by what other people are doing and how good they are at doing it. There are tradeoffs in how effective this can be. You can use this comparison to gauge your own life, make the necessary changes and increase your personal well-being. Many of us do this and great ideas and companies are spawned from the human emotions of envy and jealousy. However, if you frame this the wrong way, then being impressed by someone or something can be an emotional drain - a black hole sucking you into loneliness. I am not saying don’t be less inspired, I am saying be less impressed. There is a huge difference.

I can certainly see this on social media. I confess I am guilty of this and am working more on taking action in my life and focusing less on being impressed by others. Being impressed by someone else takes time and can distract you from your true focus or calling in life. Let me be clear, I am not detracting from the awesomeness out there every day in all the great posts I see and read. Unbelievable stuff and very humbling. My concern, or better yet an observation is, as we sit around and pat each either on the back and like posts all day long what are we really accomplishing? Are we activating great concepts and strategies or are we more concerned with likes and followers? How many great ideas or stories die a slow death as time moves on and nothing really gets done? Our electronic village has become an echo chamber. As we become closer to the truth each day, could it be possible we are really heading further away from reality?

I recently joined Clubhouse. I was intrigued with the concept right away. Talking to people about ideas and concepts and listening to really cool speakers. Kind of like being a fly on the wall and having the ability to jump around to different rooms of interest. After a while it dawned on me how many people on these platforms are just that… thinkers and talkers rather than doers. Opinions are everywhere, heck my opinions are everywhere. Like a thought or a dream, until anything happens they stay just that, thoughts, dreams and opinions. Perhaps we need to change the narrative a bit. Maybe instead of thinking of an idea, planning and then activating, perhaps we should think of an idea, activate then plan?

The activation stage is where many great ideas are laid to rest. It seems so hard to pull the trigger, take the plunge. Fear, worry, and “what if” scenarios play out and we tend to wait just for the right time. Paralysis by analysis. The right time is now and always has been, that I can promise you. Perhaps the next time you have an idea, an idea that you think is really good, activate it right away. If it isn’t the right time or even the right action, then make it right - or maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

We all talk and we all have ideas, but the reality is not much happens until it gets personal. I go no further than my own situation. There is no way I would start a non-profit, write a book, and start the Living Undeterred Project without death being forced upon me involuntarily. The sweet spot is finding ways for me to actually make a difference in the lives of others, move the needle and do more by saying less. Ask yourself, are you making a difference or are you just making noise?

We won’t make changes in our behavior or initiate ideas until we get disturbed enough to do so. Finding your true why and initiating change in your life will happen instinctively. Not a why derived from looking at your past but a why inspired by peering into your future. Be less impressed, be more inspired and be in action. Oh, and if you can, please subscribe to our Youtube channel, that is only if you're inspired!

Live Undeterred!

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