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If Not Now, When?

I have a crazy idea. Well, actually I have two. I will be announcing them soon. So crazy they will completely disrupt my life and involve a huge commitment emotionally, financially and of my time. At 55 years old do I really need more things to do? Why not just book vacations, play golf, surf social media or eat at nice restaurants? Ride off into the sunset, posting pictures along the way of how great life is. I have earned it, right? I went to college, worked my butt off for 31+ years building a Wealth Management company from scratch. I have endured hardships (who hasn’t?), battled demons (metaphorically I may add) and had many sleepless nights. So, I ask the question we ask ourselves often on this journey, why now?

Well, let me answer this question with a question. If not NOW, when? All we have is now. Yesterday really doesn’t exist outside of memories and experiences. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Now is everything. If not NOW, when? When are you going to:

  • Get in better shape

  • Win over your addictions

  • Begin meditating

  • Read that book

  • Write that book

  • Get your college degree

  • Make that tough phone call

  • Apologize to someone for something you feel the need

  • Volunteer

  • Start that business you dreamed about

  • Ask your crush out for a date

  • Start saving money

The list is endless. Procrastination is a real enemy to many of us. We tend to “second guess” yet many times the true obstacle is staring straight back at you. Having the ability to “get out of the way” of yourself is a gift. Do you truly comprehend how short our lives really are? Think about it. 70-85 years is a blip on the universal time machine. That’s all we got, some of us far less and some far more. What are you waiting for? More time, money or better health? Good luck with that.

There is one word in the human language I detest. I mean I really hate it and have removed it from my vocabulary completely. With ADD it’s hard to have any love towards this word as it is counter to who I am and how I am wired. I freaking love ADD by the way. This word is: LATER

Think how counterproductive this word can be. “I will do it later” has been the downfall of so many good ideas and has suffocated the inspiration and motivation from so many people. I understand many times careful planning with aimed intention can produce a better, more effective outcome. I get that. However, I would bet more often than not this mindset or habit has produced just the opposite. Waiting till later produces fear, doubt, anxiety, stress and nervousness.

Shortly, I will be announcing my “crazy idea.” Initially, when this project popped into my mind I rejected it. I have a 2nd book on the way, a high school graduate next year, blogs and a podcast along with a divorce in the works. I am too busy. No way this will work. Then, something happened. I asked myself, “if not NOW, when?” I wrote my idea down and picked up the phone and thus it began. Keep following this story and you will see why the word “later” needs to be extinguished from our vocabulary.

Aren’t you happy you didn’t read this blog “later?”

Live Undeterred!

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