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The Living Undeterred Mindset

Thanks so much to everyone following our story and the support we have received. It's hard to even imagine how different our lives are from just 5 years ago. It’s been 7 months since I started this project and some very big things are on the horizon. I am committed to making a difference one blog, one podcast and one shared story at a time.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to circle back and revisit the objectives of the Living Undeterred Mindset (LUM) and why it is very prominent and at the forefront of my life. First, let me explain what the LUM is not.

  • It’s not a “side business” or a way to derive income for me

  • It’s not a “quick fix” or a fad to living a healthy and invigorating life

  • It’s not all about me

  • It’s not a religion or a cult

  • It’s not a mythology or a spiritual realm of transcendence

  • It’s not tangible

It is:

  • A process of absorbing the realities of living into the daily aspects of your life

  • A realistic yet optimistic outlook on life not poisoned or distracting us with folklore, mythology or ancient stories (although I do see the utility in some of these)

  • An honest sense of being and humility

  • A true appreciation of awareness and awe

  • Accepting not knowing, and a thirst for constant learning

  • Developing standard daily practices

I often see and hear suggestions on “finding happiness” or “achieving true peace.” Although this is a very admirable quest, I wonder if we are missing the real objective here? Do we really ever actually achieve true happiness or peace in more than just fleeting temporary moments? Once we get to this elusive place or state of mind it seems quickly to evaporate and soon becomes unsatisfying as we hastily proceed to seek more, looking for the “next high” so to speak. Do we ever really get “there?” Is it just “over there” around the corner?

Wouldn't it make more sense simply just to BE happy rather than try to BECOME happy? Right now, at this moment, just be. No searching, no fancy terms, no transcendence, no cost, truly free. Just. Be. happy. Right now. Why is this so hard? It’s hard because it forces us to slow down and become aware of what we are and who we are. It forces us to do nothing.

I would say it is deeper than just being in tune with your “inner-self” or “looking deep within.”

Stop looking and just be. You're already there. You are here. Stop looking. Smile, laugh, love.

I am certainly not telling you to not have goals and aspirations. I think you can have goals and push yourself yet still be content and happy with where you are in your life. Who lied to you and said that wasn’t possible? Having balance and gratitude with where you are yet still always trying to improve. Too many highly successful people commit suicide each year so it’s clear that success doesn’t always equate to being happy, at least for some.

An “undeterred” lifestyle is not complicated. It’s simple, not easy. It takes work and commitment yet the rewards are profound. The key is realizing there is no place to go. You are already present, right here, right now.

Unrealistic expectations contribute to a tremendous amount of pain, sorrow, and suffering for millions of people. I was once asked what I have learned on this journey and what “one nugget” of advice I would give. I pondered the question then answered with preparedness. Being prepared for the volatility and cruelness of life is the key, or so I believe. The “default expectations” for most people involve waking up each day, unencumbered by anything and merrily going along blissfully with your day. When death is presented, financial woes or a shocking health diagnosis we get derailed. As if we are somehow shocked that this occurred. Tell me the name of one human, ever, that had a life without grief, trauma or disappointment. I’m waiting….Why would you be any different? What special, unique deal do you possess that is unattainable for the masses?

The Living Undeterred Mindset allows you to free yourself from living a life trapped in a suffocating fantasy of illusions and mirages. It may sound a bit perverse and odd, however, it is very liberating to actually live a life in full anticipation of chaos, bad luck, and unfortunate events. For if these events don’t happen today you have not wasted time in fear and worry and if they do, well then, you are prepared to embrace them as opportunities to learn, to become a better person, not a bitter one. All we have is now, however, we should be aware of what lies ahead of us and in knowing this, it would seem imperative, we should be prepared.

Live Undeterred.

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